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After having seen three different doctors and being told that I was healthy despite the fact that it hurt to walk, sit, sleep, and stand.  I finally found Dr. Tansey.  He was able to diagnose and treat the problem that very day.  After several visits I felt so much better.  I am so grateful that I called.  He is very king and empathetic.  He is also child friendly, whish many doctors are not.  I recommend Dr. Tansey with no reservations.            Susan R. 

Dr. Tansey is Great!  I had injured my neck and was in a lot of pain.  He was the only one who explained to me in laymanís terms just what was going on.   He understood my fear, and was very judicial in my adjustments.  The care and attention I have received at Nashoba Valley Chiropractic just canít be compared.  Thank You!            Pam P. 

I spend many hours in front of a computer every day.  Over time, my body begins to tighten up and my posture suffers,  I feel my age.  A visit to Dr. Tansey leaves me full of energy and I can feel the stiffness begin to fade away.  While under his care, Iíve noticed a gradual reduction in overall joint pain and an increase in flexibility.  I can still keep up with my kids.            Mark S. 

It is with great pleasure that I endorse the chiropractic care of Dr. Joe Tansey.  For yours I suffered with a bad back.  I tried drugs, acupuncture, rest, etc. but nothing worked.  I was recommended to Dr. Tansey who after a thorough exam prescribed a series of adjustments and exercises.  The treatment course worked and I began to resume a pain free life.  Last November I re-injured my back by lifting an object improperly.  De. Tansey adjusted his schedule to treat me over the weekend and on his days off.  Again helping me to resume my daily duties.  Dr. Tansey is thorough competent, and very interested in his patients well being.            Mike K. 

My two daughters, as well as myself, have been clients of Dr. Tansey for over a year.  We began our visits here when my younger daughter, who is a competitive event rider, began to have chronic lower back muscle spasms after a riding injury.  She saw Dr Tansey frequently until the problem was resolved and continues to see him on a wellness basis to make sure she doesnít have a repeat incident while competing, she has also had issues with severe anxiety and the regular adjustments have made the works of difference in helping her to cope.

My older daughter badly rolled her ankle while playing basketball nine months before.  When she returned to karate classes after a yearís hiatus, she began to have frequent shooting pain in that ankle.  After several visits, she was pain free for close to nine months.  She comes back occasionally if the ankle flares, but as long as she commits to Dr. Tansyís exercise recommendation, that rarely happens.  As for myself, I am prone to lower back spasms as well.  But being a busy mom with three kids, I donít have time to be sidelined.  A few visits with Dr. Tansey does the trick.  We appreciate Dr. Tansyís commitment to wellness, education and treatment without the use of medications, unless truly warranted.  I also appreciate that he doesnít hesitate to recommend a referral to a traditional specialist if his treatment isnít working (i.e. physical therapy).  We have always been treated with respect, kindness by Dr. Tansey as well as Wendy.  We canít recommend them more!            The L. Family

 Just a short note to express my thanks for helping me with my resent injury.  As you know, my accident caused me extreme distress and Iíve tried a number of treatments ranging from chiropractic, to massage, to steroid shots and prescription drugs.  I can honestly say that your treatments were the ones that did the trick!  I have always been a supporter of Chiropractic and have only good things to say.  While I still have a ways to go. Iím almost solely focused on your treatments as a means to being well.  Perhaps the strongest statement about what you do.            Al S.

 You know the adage about the guy who keeps hitting himself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when he stops?  I spent years hitting myself with pain medications, never even realizing how much pain I was actually in until I had my first chiropractic adjustment.  Immediately after my first treatment, I sat in stunned silence, savoring the feeling of a back free from pain.  The horrible ache that lived between my shoulders had been a part of me for so long that I really wasnít aware of how pronounced it had become until it was gone.  I truly believe that chiropractic care, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, is the key to good health.  Put down the hammer, no pain medications around can hold a candle to a good adjustment.            Kathleen O.

  Joe Tansey is a great chiropractor.  He understands the mechanics of the human body and is adept at helping it repair itself.  He explains the results of his evaluations and the course of treatment he recommends clearly and carefully.  Joe adjusts his techniques (no pun intended) to the particular injury or compromised situation as he moves his patients toward health.  He is an excellent health care professional.  In addition, Joe sees each patient as an individual.  He takes the time to understand current needs, desire for and ability to manage ongoing care, and long range goals in a personal manner.  I know him as a medial professional highly interested in educating his patients in their personal physical condition, ongoing maintenance, and preventative care.  He moved me from an intense recovery process to monthly well being visits quickly and smoothly.  Joe is interested in his patients as whole people, not just clients with a physical problem to solve.  He takes the time necessary to understand the various dynamics that affect the overall circumstances.  Then he responds with thoughtfulness, consideration and compassion.  I would and have recommended Joe Tansey to others without hesitation.            Sandra L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Tansey for one week I feel I need to share my incredible experience I have been suffering with arthritis and carpal tunnel in both my wrists after one visit, and I am not kidding, my left wrist was pain free. I still have a little pain in my right wrist but I am looking forward to that being gone soon.  I have been to other chiropractors in the past I have never has results like this before.  I highly recommend Dr. Tansey and I truly thank him.            Galye C.


To schedule an evaluation or a complementary consultation call: 978-448-2800 or email Dr.Tansey


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